Chairman’s Message

Dear My Friends,

We have preferred the hard and difficult things, but not the easy ones within our past more than 35 years, as it has always occurred and we have also preferred to grow, not to stay in place and realized and achieved both to contribute to the growth of our country and also a great export thrust.

We have set sail to our new goals with our investment realized in Istanbul, as of the date of 2013, which is composed of 1000 m2 of office, warehouse and showroom.

We have always added new trademarks and products to our portfolio with our vision of looking at forward and future. We raised our service area from localness to national sales network and increased our departments and service standards with our new 35 personnel. But we will not satisfy with these successes and will work much more.
When the growth trend of our country and construction sector are taken into consideration, it may be realized and understood how much our investments are important at our sector and secondary sectors.

We furnished and equipped our new building completely with energy technology minimizing energy consumption, within the scope of our sensivity regarding environment. We adopted many technologies minimizing paper consumption and continue to receive and adopt others.

Free from any doubt that we will look forward much more positively with our technological investments we realized, with our experience and trust and support we received from you.
Turkish people and Turkish industrialists deserve the best.