ATAMAN, was founded by Ahmet Ataman in 1983 for the purpose of providing service at the sector of technical hardware. It came into operation with the name of Ataman Group within the scope of development and change with the participation of Murat Ataman as of the date of 2013.

Behind the success that the company has reached, there is a management system, which is customer oriented and centered the actual efficiency. The system is developed not just for the financial achievements, but also with the consciousness our corporate values that all sectors get benefit from and will get benefit from it. The principal business segments of the continuously developing company are composed of technical hardware, hand tools, construction materials, welding and industrial products, service equipments, rope and lifting systems, work safety equipments, newly added marine and industrial products.

ATAMAN presents its services through selecting the principles of continuous customer satisfaction for always and reliability as baseline. As the result of this, it works together with many companies and trademarks, which are respectable within the scale of Turkey and Worldwide.

The company, which became a Turkey trademark with leading sales-marketing network created domestically, provides solution partnerships, high quality and outstanding technological opportunities for its customers that it renders services with its active sales team. The company has taken sharing the customer satisfaction and happiness without any requirement with you as its goal within the scope of a professional and innovative marketing sense since its foundation. ATAMAN, increasing its market share at its area with each passing pay intends to advance not just within the scale of borders of Turkey, but also within the regional and global scale. It presents the vision of being a regional leader especially at its sector.

ATAMAN intends to take place among the leader of innovation at its sector in Turkey through orientating itself quickly to worldwide developments.